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Hi , 


Am I correct in assuming that viewing an image in LR or any other Raw developer at say 50% , gives you an idea of what a printed image would like at approximately 24" x "16 ?


If this is the case , does viewing an image at 100% , gives you an idea of what a printed image may look like at 48" x 30" ?


Thank you.



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Surely it depends on the size of your screen. On Apple iPad Mini Retina display tablet (2048 px on long side) the pixels would be much smaller than on a 27in HD monitor (1920px on long side). So the physical image size varies by a factor of more than 3.6 on such devices.


Even if it did you would not normally look at a print that size as closely as you would a monitor.

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To be honest I work on the basis that if I produce a clean, sharp and well adjusted image with the kit I have it will go pretty well as large as I am ever likely to need so I don't need to check specially at the print size. See the other forum topic I started at Large Prints and Pixel Count

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