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STOCKIMO - What's your highest score?

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This is mine, I called it "Dropping through the Cracks"! It scored 3.7!  I have to say, at the moment, I'm just pleased to get any  score >2. I am still a bit mystified as to what will work well on Stockimo, so my efforts are a bit hit or miss. What I find difficult,  is when I get, what I consider an interesting subject, well composed in good lighting conditions, I know it will probably get <2, unless I apply some sort of  filters to it to, change the atmosphere, or give it an atmosphere at all? It goes against my instinct, but  I have to turn off my "conventional stock photographers" eye,  to try and see beyond it. Anyhow, I currently have 119 images on Stockimo and I will strive to have more  soon! 

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505 images and no sales after six months.  I have 4s and 3s and 2.7s and 2.3s, a fair number of 4s.  I also see my images pop up in Customer Likes and the Monday Wall of Fame. What i find interesting is that images of mine that are tweaked the most generally get the highest score but looking at customer likes I see (over all) more likes for more normally produced imagery...and/or those with scores of 2.3 and 2.7 (these seem to generate the most customer interaction)...and not just mine.


As of now I think it is fun but probably not going to be very income producing...at least for the time being....speaking of iPhone imagery.  


I also have iPhone imagery with AGE, Corbis and Getty.  As of now the only one to show sales is Getty.

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I reached 1000 images online with Stockimo  :D 



The interesting thing here, would be to know how many of those did actually sell over the last year... and did it generate a good revenue?


I myself also have over a 1000 images in the Stockimo branch, but I don´t think I will be investing any more time on this, for now... in the little over a year I have been active with this, it only resulted in 4 sales totaling 225 dollar nett revenue... and although it is not extremely bad, it is to little in light to the time I have spend on this thing...

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