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Better month for sales?

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Looking back, under 10 % blue skies, another 20% with interesting clouds, the rest not relevant.

Dave Kilpatrick pointed out that picture editors look for seasonal shots, so if it is currently raining throughout most of the country, then maybe they prefer a dull weather photo to illustrate their article. Similarly trees in leaf won't help if the article refers to a situation in winter time. I've noticed, looking through the papers for Alamy usage, that dull does occasionally sell, even where there are much brighter, more attractive, images available.


Not sure that this would apply to travel or advertising mind, where I guess that  the money is better, so your best ever sale is a bit of a mystery, although clearly very welcome!

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Zero sales in many months now. getting a little fed up of looking at the daily report.


My images get zoomed but nothing beyond that. 


Right now, Alamy is the worst performing library that my images are in by far.


I had had no sales since August last year but have now had three this month. So there is hope; even so I am spreading my wings into other channels.



I have fingers in other channels and they rip this place apart! It's frustrating as I feel that sales should happen but they don't. 


Still, I won't let it stop me uploading more stuff. Have a number of things to get live but haven't had much time due to jetting around.



Sorry to hear that, Jools. Maybe I should stop pointing a finger at NYC as the problem. I have three sales showing at the moment, but the winter of 2014 was awful. 



Ed, I think part of the problem comes back to the age old thing at Alamy of it not being an edited collection. I'm with a distributor who wipes the carpet with Alamy many times over. What I've earned in total here at Alamy I earnt in the last 4 weeks at this particular distributor.


What can you do?


My images get zoomed but nothing beyond that. What's the answer? Who knows! If we all knew the answer then we would be doing something with the knowledge.

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