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If you have a lens that can do f/2.8 or wider, you'll find the colours tend to be more saturated on cloudy days and there are fewer distracting shadows. For stock it's great weather to get pictures of buildings if you're in a town. Sure, you won't get blue skies, but you'll get detail in the shadows without washed-out highlights.

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‘Bad’ weather is a challenge, another kind of photographic opportunity. I try to be ‘nimble’, always ready to change to plan B if the weather rules out plan A. I may go to the pub, as others have suggested (but, hey, I go to pubs in all weathers...).


Out in the landscape (especially the Lakeland landscape), the light can change from moment to moment. Yesterday, in Borrowdale, the weather went from hailstones the size of peas (they really hurt...) to bright sunshine, and all the stages in between.


I love grey skies... combined with patches of sunlight. A breeze will keep the clouds moving. Less inspiring is a sky of unrelieved grey, and no wind, which just ‘sits there’. So I forget the big landscape shots, and go for details. Woods can be great when a little bit gloomy; waterfalls look good too.


The most important thing, IMO, is cultivating a ‘can do‘ mindset: dealing with what’s possible rather than fretting about not having better weather, or a fancier camera, or being somewhere on the planet where more interesting things happen. When we’re receptive, the pictures will come...


Yesterday in Borrowdale: just me and Harry the Herdwick...




Lovely image John, takes me back to camping holidays in the lakes during the late 50's and the 60's. One two week holiday it rained solid but for one day, in the middle of the holiday, when the sun came out and we tried to dry out.



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Go to the studio and do some still lifes. For me the monetary reward is 5-6 times higher than shooting outdoors, on a per-image basis. The side benefit is that you can work in the studio even when it is sunny outside. :)


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