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Can my collection of Alamy Images be sold

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I am getting to point in life that I am considering stepping back

What can I do with my Alamy collection of some 12000 images

My sales are good each month. Can it be sold

Anyone has any suggestions


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If your monthly sales are good, why not just leave your images on Alamy and let them generate income while you "step back"?  What's the point of selling all your hard work to someone else?

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Business advisor hat on:  Yes, your image collection can be sold.  Effectively, it's a small business.  You'd need to legally assign copyright to the purchaser and agree a price - probably 2-3 x current annual earnings.  You'd lose all rights to your photos and could be penalised for tax on the lump sum.  And, of course, you'd have to find a buyer - and that might be the hardest part.


Best advice.  Do nothing.  They're going to generate income on an ongoing basis.  With no new content it will decline over the years - but it's still income.  You've done the hard work, why not enjoy the benefits.

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hi, all easily done.


i've come into alamy after being the buyer of a collection of images myself!

70s-early 2000s images on film mainly, so im doing the hard work digitising etc.


an interesting topic, as im sure a few people would feel the same "wanting to step back"

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