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Is it possible to release the property on named plants that you own, but which are no doubt subject to some form of plant breeder's copyright?


I suspect not, but I am a cautious personage, and would appreciate advice from the gurus who inhabit these chambers.

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PBRs are literally for the propagation of the plants so no real issue - been shooting them for years.


Not sure why you would need to release a plant, I've had many hundreds of commercial plant uses (labels/brochures) and never been asked for release status of the plant.

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Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) only covers propogation for sale and commercial distribution.  Photography is not covered.  Species - unaltered from the wild - cannot be covered by PBR and most older varieties of garden plants are free of PBR.  You wouldn't need releases for photography sales unless there is identifiable property which might need a release.

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