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24 for $1118 Gross. Worst month for sales and income since Sept 2012.


Views average, zooms back up to average after lower than normal Dec/Jan which may explain low sales this month relatively speaking. In Newspaper scheme,not in NU


Onward and upward hopefully! Happy March everybody



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33 sales, not many tiny ones this time but few biggies also making it the worst month for quite some time.  Zooms recovering but might just be because of odd measures results reported elsewhere on this forum.  All we can do is press on and hope.



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Views:  4733 ,  Zooms: 36,  Total CTR 0.76,  Sales: 6, Gross Sales $339.


Averages for the last 12 months were:


Views:  5791 ,  Zooms: 26,  Total CTR 0.46,  Sales: 7, Gross Sales $292.


So, a bit above average really...

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Not too bad a month for me.


6 sales for $333, lowest £32.21, highest £75.


I did have the highest ever rolling monthly views, and sales, and the individual day amount of views (nearly a third of my portfolio!) which hasn't helped my CTR.


I've gone down in the rankings though so views and zooms falling.



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Same as February, January, December, ...


From low but regular my sales effectively vanished in middle of 2013.  :(  Analysis, juggling keywords, pseudonyms, new content etc seems to have done more harm than good.


Hey ho time to start over with a new plan and a clean sheet!

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