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Rights managed or royalty free, that is the question

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Just wondering if you guys had any advice on this, I have already uploaded one picture in which I am unsure which way would make the most money. Do I even need to be concerning myself with this at this stage. Especially since I am avoiding Trade names like the plague.

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You don't need to avoid trade names and logos. They just always have to be RM. When keywording in Manage Images, you would mark that you don't have a property release as one would be need for any photos that have recognizable buildings, logos, trade names etc. Once you do that, your photo will automatically be catalogued as RM, you won't be allowed to make it RF.


I do almost all my photos as RM, except for some of the nature shots as there are millions of those, so I think they would sell better as an RF image than an RM image.

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Another thing that may well cause you some head banging off a sturdy wall is MR. (Model Releases for people and property) General rule of thumb for me...contains people, whether smudges on horizon or shadows or parts of body in picture or large crowd scene = MR.


There are certain images, in the Alamy guidelines, that may not be offered for commercial sale as they fall under copyright laws belonging to the owner/managers of the properties. (National Trust, etc)


Same rules, (for me, again), applies to most objects/property. As to the merits of RF vs MR I am not qualified or have the experience to advise you as to which is better or more profitable.


2p's/cents/euro's worth.



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