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Just seen this on 'Hold the front page' web site regarding this story, and I must say I just fell about laughing it's a wonderful comment. You must remember it 'local' newspaper reporters being talked about here. Well know for their regular need of new shoes.



Northern Snapper

January 27, 2014 at 9:30 am

“reporters taking photos on their phones”… From their desks I assume?

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Rarely can you be in the best positions to both take photographs and talk to people at the same time. At least not for real breaking news as opposed to set piece press conferences or other events.


Doing both as reporter-photographer is often not practical let alone the different skills required.

Edited by Martin P Wilson
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Kick back !  Write a good comprehensive caption - the Subs (sub-editors) can knock it up into an article - do away with reporters all together !!!!


When doing show biz features (years ago) I would always introduce the reporter as "My caption writer......"


- on the whole it went down well with the celeb - not quite so with the scribe......

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Exactly, the caption should contain the 'Who, Where' Why' What and When' and be clear enough to stand alone, but given the bones for expansion - many 'reporters' never leave their desks being re-writers for others copy - backed by a couple of phone calls - this of course explains much - 'the men in shiny shoes' have a lot to answer for.......

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