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Windows Photo Viewer and Sony RX100

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Hi everybody, i have found that Windows Photo Viewer will not show Sony RX100 raw images.


Is anybody out there having the same problem and is there a fix?





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Hi Paul,


I can only be partly helpful.  I had the same problem and I downloaded a patch from the MS site on the advice of another member.  The problem is I can't remember which patch.


Hopefully someone will come up with it.  At least you now know there is an answer to your problem.



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Many thanks to John and Sheila,  


With 5 stars going to the ever reliable Sheila for the link, also hoping you are avoiding the heat.


Paul :).


Hi Paul


Sydney has avoided the heat so far which cannot be said for Adelaide which had temps in the mid 40s C a few days ago.  For the first time since Christmas Day, we had some rain which hopefully will ease the scores of bushfires burning in the south west of NSW. 

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Thanks for the link to the Sony web page that allows this download - I didn't know that such a thing existed. Transformed my collection of Sony raw files from grey boxes to photos, brilliant  :)

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