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As usual, so many great images to choose from. It was a struggle to pick just eight. Voting closes Saturday Midnight July 13th

Finally time to vote for the June Challenge  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Poll is open until Saturday night at Midnight.

    • Eagle Head - Martin L
    • Pelican In Florida Keys - Michael Ventura
    • Sparrowhawk - Abiyoyo
    • Gannets, Grassholm Island, Wales - Kumar
    • Kite Flyer with Geese - Avpics
    • Moorhen and chick - Sprocket
    • Mother Swam and Cygnets - Gervais Montacute
    • Swan Family at Sunset - Vbfolly

This poll is closed to new votes

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  • Poll closed on 14/07/24 at 03:59

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1 - Martin L - Eagle Head



2 - Pelican In Florida Keys - Michael Ventura



3 - Sparrowhawk - Abiyoyo



4 - Gannets in Grassholm Island Wales - Kumar



5 - Kite Flyer with Geese - Avpics



6 - Moorhen and Chick - Sprocket



7 - Mother Swam with Cygnets - Montacute



8 - Swan Family at Sunset - Vbfolly




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Thanks for choosing one of mine, Jill. It must have been really difficult to pick just 8, as there were loads of great images.

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1 hour ago, David Fowler said:

Congratulations to Martin on your win and to everyone else for some great images :)


42 minutes ago, VbFolly said:

Congratulations Martin - a well-deserved clear winner.

Thanks, honoured to be chosen, I guess it's over, haven't had the 👍 from Jill yet! 🙃

If it is alright I'll put up a new comp tomorrow, just got in from a weekend racing on the Solent so a bit cream crackered ( and there is a rather big game for England tonight 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 )

I have an idea but if a kind somebody has a list of previous comps I can check if it has been done.

Thanks once again



Edit: It's okay I've found a list of previous challenges

Edited by Martin L
Found list
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