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Is anyone using AI for tagging ?



I recently installed two AI plugins for automatic key-wording in Lightroom Classic. (LrTag and Wordroom)

I apply both generators to my pictures in LRC, then export a JPG with the keywords embedded in the metadata.

When I upload the JPGs in Alamy, the keywords show up automatically.

It does speed up the process a bit but they still need some editing, as a lot of keywords are redundant or too general/generic.

So I remove some of these and add some of my own that are much more specific, especially the abstract ones describing moods and concepts.

I know that the AI technology is rather new and still have to learn. But will AI be able to save us even more time while ensuring more sales ?

Right now, it only serves as an object recognition tool, and may be producing search engines capable key words (?)

I would like to know if anyone has experimented with AI tagging, and what they think about it.




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I have. Like you say, some judgment is needed on what keywords to add and what to not use, but I find it quite helpful. Have you tried Anthropic's new Claude Sonnet 3.5? Early days and I don't have an Anthropic account so I haven't been able to use it a lot, but it seems quite good at suggesting keywords. 

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generate searchable keywords describing this picture for a stock photo site


Here are searchable keywords tailored for a stock photo site describing this image:

  1. Ancient ruins
  2. Mesoamerican pyramid
  3. Stone temple
  4. Archaeological site
  5. Mountain landscape
  6. Lake view
  7. Historical architecture
  8. Scenic overlook
  9. Cultural heritage
  10. Pre-Columbian structure
  11. Stepped pyramid
  12. Panoramic vista
  13. Mexico travel
  14. Ancient civilization
  15. Stone masonry
  16. Historical landmark
  17. Indigenous architecture
  18. Central America
  19. Aztec ruins
  20. Tourism destination
  21. Ancient fortress
  22. Countryside scenery
  23. Blue sky clouds
  24. Green valley
  25. Historical monument
  26. Adventure travel
  27. Cultural tourism
  28. Mayan archaeology
  29. Aerial perspective
  30. Natural beauty

These keywords are optimized for stock photo searches, combining descriptive terms for the ancient structure with landscape elements and travel-related concepts to appeal to a wide range of potential image users.

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Spot-on, zero trash keywords !

But not usable as a LRC plug-in, means uploading JPGs to Claude, then copy-paste keywords to Alamy.

In an ideal world, Claude 3.5 would be working directly for Alamy.

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remove the bullet numbering


Here are the searchable keywords without numbering:

Aerial view Island town Lake landscape Mountain scenery Mexican village Colorful houses Lakeside community Janitzio Island Lake Patzcuaro Michoacan Mexico Traditional architecture Tourist destination Crowded hillside White monument Rural settlement Picturesque village Waterfront town Cultural heritage Scenic overlook Densely populated Island geography Travel destination Latin American culture Unique topography Panoramic view Indigenous community Coastal village Mountainous terrain Vibrant colors Natural beauty

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