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Stop giving our images away for a dollar!


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I would like an option to set minimum price. If buyer doesn't want to pay one of my images at that price, they can eff off. I envision image price being calculated as per now but it's below minumum price set by photographer, then offer buyer choice: Sale Price: $0.99c. Minimum price: $35.00c. Do you want to buy it? [Yes]   [No]


Alamy claims to be on the side of photographers but clearly is on the side of it's clients, who can afford to pay but why should they when Alamy says image is yours to use in multiple media, worldwide, unlimited duration for $1.61


Alamy is playing the numbers game because it makes approx a pound from a $1.70 sale, while photographer makes approx 60c. Alamy sells 1000, makes a $1000, photographer makes 2 sales out of the 1000, if lucky, so makes $1.20. 

Rights Managed

Date purchased: 10th June, 2024.

Country: Worldwide
Usage: Editorial, For editorial use in printed publication published by the customer and associated social media platforms and websites.
Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic
Start: 10 June 2024
Duration: Unlimited


$ 1.61
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10 hours ago, geogphotos said:

The only way to set your own prices is to sell direct.


Good luck with that.


Thanks for the support!

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If I'm correct, the low prices are PA's way of recouping the investment in purchasing Alamy. If that's true, prices aren't going to change or be set by contributors.

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7 hours ago, Walrus said:

Thanks for the support!

is this encouraging?
you = member since 2005;
your page 1 images look salable
so add many more diverse images to reach 50/50 level;
your sub-say-$10US sales since 2005 prolly total $$thousand+
besides sub-$10US you prolly have dozens & dozens $100US+ sales...
regardless, get crackin' on that collection size, whoa Nelly !!
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I do find it a bit jarring that ones images sell for a little over $1 sometimes, so that, after commission,  you are only left with a few cents.  Yes,  true, that I'm signed up to all the various image options including novel use, so low prices are to be expected, from time to time, particularly if they are part of some sort of bargain bulk-buy, package.   But, given the effort involved in taking them in the first place, followed by editing, processing uploading and key-and finally wording then, such low prices, after commission  does seem  a bit extreme. 

Slightly off the topic of this thread, but in general, the average price per image has dropped over  the last few years, although this is somewhat compensated for, in my experience at least, buy an increase in sales volume. 

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