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Illustration or photograph (digitally altered)

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As an experiment, I uploaded and had accepted four images of politicians which with isolation, simplification and several filters and tweaks are now cartoons.

As I was 'managing' them, I wasn't sure whether to classify them as 'illustrations' or photographs (digitally altered).

I have them currently as 'illustrations', on the spurious grounds that I have photographs (digitally altered) that maybe have a bit of litter or pavement chewing gum digitally removed but are essentially 'as was'.

Certainly, these are manipulated photos. Equally certainly, someone with more artistic ability than I could have come to the same result manually, either using the photos as references or from scratch.

Any definite requirement?

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Since its in that gray area of being able to be classified as either one I think I would look at what comes up when you search the subject.  I would want to have it appear high in the search results.  Of course someone looking for a photo of the subject may change their mind when they see your treatment.  Check out your competition before you decide.

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It's pretty hard to have an opinion of an image without seeing the image. 

True, I posted just after I'd managed so that I could change if necessary before it went 'live'.

So they're not live yet, but here's a small version of one of them:


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I've been doing a lot of that recently [DNB4AC, DP34XH, DM1HFF] and I mark them all as illustrations. The more important question is will they sell?

True, but the vast majority of my images here have never sold, and these particular images didn't work as normal 'stock' photos (too much clutter around the subjects), so fun to try, and nothing to lose. And a new technique learned. :P

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