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People in scenes and licence type

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I just spotted a problem with a photo I was uploading, when I took it I thought just my wife was in it and I could provide an MR. Unofrtunately I noticed another person in the distant background when I was checking it at 100%. I would have put it up as RM anyway, not likely to be used commercially so not worth cloning out the other figure.


Something to bear in mind if working with models on location though.

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I don't know the stats for the whole of Alamy, but for me revenue is probably 99% RM. Amost all of my images are RM. And with re-licencing over the years it has worked out very well. It probably depends on your image mix of course. I still get images licensed for a few dollars for 10 years but also some for hundreds and even thousands for only a couple of years.

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My RF sales run at about 15% of my gross sales in the 10+ years I have been with Alamy and I only have perhaps a few dozen RF images. In fact pretty well my highest and lowest value sales were both RF with a 100:1 price spread.


Might need to think harder about putting my more generic stuff up as RF.

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