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How was your 2013?

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I also invested heavily in Alamy Live News in the first 6 months of the year trying to evaluate if what I wanted to shoot would sell via the newsfeed, and like Julie dropped off a fair bit in the second half. I'll still be contributing to Live News in 2014 but I'll certainly be more focussed in what I shoot for it and with the benefit of seeing what *has* been successful for myself and others will approach it differently.


As for stock I started the year with a culled and re-edited total of only 120 images in the library most of which were added 10 years ago, and which had initially sold but obviously stagnated. 2013 was the year I decided to return to seriously uploading material to Alamy. With the benefit of the news events I'm up to high 750s, and a pipeline of editorial to upload that should push me well into the 800s or 900s this month.


The good news I have started to see sales again, and payment :D


2014 will be about getting 6 more years of back catalogue tightly edited work up and to start carefully adding new images. Hoping for 2500-3000 images by YE and something meaningful to report from a sales volume/value this time next year.

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2013 not bad - hit a bit by the reduction from 60% to 50% monies to the photographer


Stats as follows for those interested:


2012: Total number images average: 11,022

2013: Total number images average: 13325 

Increase in 2013 of 21%


2012: Number of views : 216424

2013: Number of views: 314540

Increase in views: 45% (mainly due to the default number of views changing to 120 from 30)


2012 Number of Zooms: 1647

2013 Number of zooms:  2201

Increase in zooms: 34% - perhaps as a result of both of above factors


2012: Number of sales: 381

2013: Number of sales: 456

Increase in sales numbers: 20%


2012: Gross income: $21,126 ( $55.4/image sold;  $1.91 per image on sale)

2013: Gross income: $23,987 ( $52.6/image sold;  $1.80 per image on sale)

Increase in gross income: 13.5%


2012: Net income: dont know exactly

2013 Net income:  $11,351 ( $24.9 / image sold)


I think from the POV of net income 2012 and 2013 were about the same - but with an increase in numbers of images on sale and images sold visions of hamsters and wheels comes to mind.... 


Happy New Year to all



nb. No Alamy Live News, in Newspaper scheme but not in NU

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I have to follow my buddy Kumar?! I guess it could be worse, I could be following Jeff Greenberg. Just joined Alamy approximately one year ago, in late 2012 so a 'newbie'. Primarily selling stock via Getty and now trying news with Alamy. Had 23 sales for $1,695 with 700 photos uploaded so far. Chasing the news on weekends has really gotten me out to experience events that I never would have dreamed I would have seen. Really like working with the nice folks on the Live News Feed who were really helpful and so darn polite even when I made mistakes.

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Wow, Kumar and others, congrats for that nice numbers! And thanks for the detail raport. Your info and numbers are motivating to harder work with finding enjoy in taking photos. Why? If so many people buy so much of your work, means they need your work. You want to work more.. Every publication is another satisfaction :)


Thanks and let the light be with you :P

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I have better things to do with my time that keywording tons of images.


Then you are driving with the handbrake on...



Ah, now let me clarify.


Everything is keyworded to the best of my knowledge using a variety of sources. These are then put into Lightroom before being exported out to Alamy.


As a photographer, I hate the admin of the images once in the Alamy database. Having to sort out the keywords into the hierarchy is what I detest and find it very tedious as I feel I am doing the same job twice.


I do know how important keywording is, it is just that I would prefer to be out taking images.

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