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My images 'used to' be royalty-free but a sale to the BBC AP21NC  (dust cover for one of David Attenborough's books) was also used for all or anything associated with this book which was fair enough except the sum I was paid was paltry and so after that I changed all my images to 'rights managed'. 
I am today still wondering which is the best option?
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1 hour ago, Gorilla Dave said:


oops, my mistake!

if you search for D7DTBC OR D7DTB6 instead of using an ampersand i think you'll get them both.


But i never much liked those little dogs so i can understand someone giving them an alternative name !



Shame, shame, Dave. 😁

I’ve owned many dogs in my life, the last one was a female Yorkie. She lived to please me, was the most intelligent of all, cutest personality ever. If I could have cloned her, I’d still own a dog. She set the bar so high I never could think of having another dog after her, and haven’t.

I do understand, though, what floats my boat isn’t everyone’s preference.

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