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Have you found any Alamy photos November 2022?

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Times online 11th




Guy Bell London, UK. 6th Oct, 2022. City workers pass The Bank of England  2K56YBY

Brendan McDermid  Brian McNamara, CEO of Haleon,  celebrate his company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange   2JHRF85

Clynt Garnham  Sizewell B nuclear power station, Suffolk, UK.: ACY14D

Roger Bamber  A barmaid pulls an old fashioned pint in a Victorian pub with a copper bar and real ale from handpumps  ATY8D9


Bricks and Mortar


B.O'Kane signs for property to let near Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland,  C557W2

Bailey-Cooper Residences in Belgrave Square, London.  J2HFB1




WENN Lush Performing Their Last Ever Gig at Manchester Academy Featuring: Lush, Miki Berenyi  HF7G74




Dave Porter  Cumulonimbus Storm clouds over Fenland fields, near Wisbech town, Cambridgeshire, England, 2D1WEKC




Bill Allsopp Climbing Steel Rigg on the route of Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. DYDC22

Tayfun Salci  London, England, UK. 4th Nov, 2022. Secretary of State for the Home Department SUELLA BRAVERMAN  2KBRAFY

Maureen McLean Slough, Berkshire, UK. 20th August, 2022. A new variable speed limit of 60mph is in now in force 2JPTP3T

Maureen McLean Slough, Berkshire, UK. 29th September, 2022. An NHS South Central Ambulance Service Emergency Ambulance 2K41YA4

Border Image  Tarras Valley, part of the Langholm Moor community buyout to purchase land from Buccleuch Estates 2BRM3R2

Michael Kemp  Demo to save UK nightlife following the closure of London club Fabric H3H0D4

Tom Oldham Barman holds up bar stool at Mint in Leeds AGFBR3

Everett Collection BOSTON LEGAL, William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, James Spader, Robert Wagner,  HD6A3T


Priyanka Naskar Buy button under Big Blue check mark on mobile screen. Twitter logo in background. 2KDPPYE

Robert Taylor  UK Weather, Crantock, Cornwall, UK. A farmer raises large dust clouds from his arid soil 2JNGNKG

david tipling Peatland pools in blanket bog at Forsinard RSPB Reserve, Flow Country, Northern Scotland, autumn. 2DB4TA3

Pictorial Press  BETTE DAVIS (1908-1989) American film actress about 1945

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Times online 12th




Louisa Svensson The HMRC website seen through a magnifying glass PF2CKH

Flyby Photography Aerial views of Redrow Homes development- Temple Wharf, located in Rochester, Kent,  MNR2TG




Alex Segre  Young woman looking at houses for sale in estate agent window, Islington, London, UK 2ADE7BF

Tutatama  A real estate agent signs a contract for the purchase or mortgage of a house. 2AJB1X1




sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 06 November 2022. Edinburgh Diwali takes place, 2KDFRA7




Eric Carr Nova Scotia Peggys Cove, Canada fishing village with lobster boats. Blue sky and colorful buildings.  EW3WR7

Arnold Drapkin Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 5th Sep, 2005. Re-enactors dressed as soldiers of the 78th Highland Regiment TB8KR5

Rolf Hicker  Small wooden boats at Halls Harbor, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada E1TYTN

Henryk Sadura  Black Rock Lighthouse in the Bay of Fundy. Nova Scotia, Canada.  KJAB2H





John Sibley British Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations: Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes : 2J49DT6

Chris Harris  Old Royal Naval College (now home to the University of Greenwich and Trinity College of Music), Greenwich, D1F6W1

Benjamin John  Exterior of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, England J9C0JE

TAYFUN SALCI Rishi Sunak - can't find it

Panther Media Desperate girl suffering insomnia trying to sleep in a bed at home in the night - 2BPN54C

Imageplotter  London, UK. 08th Nov, 2022. Dominic Raab MP, Deputy Prime Minister, 2KDRB4K




MediaWorldImages Preston, Lancashire. UK Weather 4 November, 2022. Cold frosty, misty morning as the sun rises over the River Ribble 2KBMPPB



Edited by Bryan
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Alamy has changed the layout which makes transferring data for this exercise a lot more time consuming.  Anyway


Telegraph 12 Nov 2022


EJY4EW Andrew Ray / Alamy Stock Photo

Mevagissey Harbour, Mevagissey, St Austell, Cornwall, England


W27MYH Andrey Shevchenko Bridge of Sant Angelo and Basilica of St. Paul in Rome. Italy


W19HAP Holidaymakers carrying paddle boards into the sea at Fistral Beach in Newquay in Cornwall. Gordon Scammell

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12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p39, 1990 World Cup bus, EKP7R4, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix
12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p45, cast of 'The Young Ones', HDA8GH, ©BBC/Courtesy Everett Collection [Alamy credit only]
12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p46, still from 'The Young Ones', BYA891, Photo 12 [Alamy credit only]
12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p46, cast of 'The Young Ones', B4MC1R, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix
12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p47, Nigel Planer in 'The Young Ones', HDA8GE, ©BBC/Courtesy Everett Collection [Alamy credit only]
12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p65, statue of Nikola Tesla, PD4EJH, Chris LaBasco
12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p67, abandoned caravan in US woods, H27J0J, Jon Bilous
12/11/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p68, flag on boat, A4BH8Y, Rob Walls
12/11/2022, Guardian, p11, 'A Shropshire Lad' rose, CW80MX, Lesley Pardoe
12/11/2022, Guardian, p11, 'Munstead Wood' rose, 2C9WBTP, Alexandra Glen
12/11/2022, Guardian, p11, powdery mildew on rose, EA4E1D, Nigel Cattlin [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
12/11/2022, Guardian, p26, autumn colour on River Teign, N017MF, nidpor/StockimoNews
12/11/2022, Guardian, p48, WWII save energy poster, 2F8BH71, incamerastock [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
12/11/2022, Guardian, p50, RAC breakdown, AJ2X8E, Jack Sullivan [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
12/11/2022, Guardian, p51, terraced houses in South London, BTAJ6P, James Boardman
12/11/2022, Guardian 9What's On section], p3, still from 'Maude', HDAG00, Everett Collection Inc

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59 minutes ago, Bryan said:

Iain Masterton Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 6th October 2022. Demonstration against Self ID organised by the For Women protest group 2K56E5N

Iain Masterton View of controversial new super hospital the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital ( QEUH) in Glasgow, Scotland, 2AGHWCJ

Iain Masterton Passengers disembark onto platform from Scotrail train at Waverley Station iN Edinburgh, Scotland, T18RFG


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USA, The New York Times (print), Nov 13th, 2022 edition


Arts and Leisure section


Pg. 10, Musical conductor, Daniel Barenboim, DPA Picture Alliance W882GN


Book Review section


Pg. 47, Spencer Tracy with Ernest Hemingway on set of The Old Man and the Sea, could be from one of two contributors.  Alamy credit only

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13/11/2022, Observer [Review section], p39, still from 'Rolling Thunder', 2K7RE5W, Cinematic Collection
13/11/2022, Observer [Review section], p40, promotional still from 'A New Kind of Love', G10G9F, Collection Christophel
13/11/2022, Observer, p7, 'Branch Hill Pond' by Constable, credited to Alamy but too many to say which
13/11/2022, Observer, p8, school art class, G5KH39, parkerphotography
13/11/2022, Observer, p10, Glass Works Square in Barnsley, 2J13YDY, John Morrison [Alamy credit only]
13/11/2022, Observer, p11, people at Glyndebourne, BEKT4B, Rory Buckland L [Alamy credit only]
13/11/2022, Observer, p17, Eurasian skylark, TBWG4A, Arndt Sven-Erik/Arterra Picture Library [Cutout & flipped L-R]
13/11/2022, Observer, p27, Nick Lowles, 2G21A3D, Everett Collection Inc
13/11/2022, Observer, p31, Amsterdam red light district, JP3T71, Erik Lattwein [Alamy credit only]
13/11/2022, Observer, p49, office workers in Canary Wharf, B88XWD, Julio Etchart
13/11/2022, Observer, p56, arm of man in hospital bed, GMT1BF, Denise Lett



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Times online 14th




Dimple Patel  Exterior of the Institute of chartered accountants in England and Wales, Chartered Accountants' Hall, London R5RCNE

Michael Foley  Union jack flag over the Bank of England, Threadneedle st, City of London, England.  2HMX1M8




Classic Image  Arthur Richard Burrows, 1882 – 1947, aka Uncle Arthur. One of the earliest employees of the British Broadcasting Company.  PBC49H




Iain Masterton  St Andrews, Scotland, UK. 30 September, 2020. Students in halls of residence at St Andrews University 2CWWX7K

UrbanImages Art Deco Willison House on Barrack St in Dundee was built in 1930s to design of H Pierce Robbie  2JHGKD7

Suriya Desatit Closed up pile of bottled palm oil in the market HH8WWY

Mark Kerrison London, UK. 9th July, 2022. Campaigners march behind a Mermaids UK banner at the London Trans+ Pride march  2JGEXJF

Sergio Azenha  Social worker feeding an old woman in a nursing home  EA7ATM




Peter Barritt  Hampstead Heath, Branch Hill Pond, John Constable, 1828,  2ARAM84

christopher jones   Andy Marsh, Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset Constabulary PBJF8W

AY Images   'Munstead Wood, Ausbernard' English Rose, Engelsk ros (Rosa) : 2K5R777

Robert Evans Joules Store - Joules Shop in Ipswich UK - Joules is a UK based clothing chain selling country lifestyle clothing.  2E5AWPX


Edited by Bryan
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Times Scotland, Print 14 nov

Duddingston Golf Course, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 13 November 2022. Misty start for those out for exercise on the golf course with temperature of a nmore normal 8 degrees centigrade after the unseasonal warm wether of late. Credit: Arch White/alamy live news.

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8 minutes ago, Iain Masterton said:


Times Scotland, Print 14 nov

Duddingston Golf Course, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 13 November 2022. Misty start for those out for exercise on the golf course with temperature of a nmore normal 8 degrees centigrade after the unseasonal warm wether of late. Credit: Arch White/alamy live news.

Many thanks Iain, need to check my spelling before I upload (wether)😁

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Guardian Online



ergio Azenha


Elva Etienne


Bill Stephenson


Denise Lett


Jeff Morgan 09


Medicimage Education




I Love Images


National Trust Photolibrary


Donald Cooper


Lesley Pardoe

AY Images



Acorn 6



Edited by Nigel Kirby
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