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Can't find this on a quick search, so...


Been a long long while since I uploaded anything.   I get as far as having the images listed on the upload page - but there is no 'upload' option.  I've downloaded the Flashplayer and my laptop is new-ish so should be up for this.   Any ideas welcome!




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Don't believe that this could be a fault at Alamy's end, but if you haven't yet resolved it, you could get in touch with MS to see if they can help you.


Maybe try a different browser, ensure that you have the latest version of Flash installed, make sure that you are actually viewing the whole of the screen?


It does seem very strange that you can view the Choose JPEGS to Upload button, but then not the upload button.  These buttons below the upload window (Clear All / Remove Item / Upload) only appear once your images have been correctly loaded into the application, but you say that they are appearing?  Got me foxed.

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It seems to me there have been issues in the past having to do with the size of the window. Can you enlarge it? Or maybe even make it smaller. Can't remember exactly what the solution was.



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