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Alamy, Is There No Plan . . .

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3 hours ago, Steve F said:


You need to attain a special state of being to live off mana Edo


Down in the Islands of the South Pacific, I hear they are good at that -- not so much in Brooklyn or Liverpool. 


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1 hour ago, Brian Yarvin said:


Indeed, this is correct on my end!


And to prove it I have just had a look at Brians port first page.  He is a food junky.🙂




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On 19/07/2022 at 17:41, sb photos said:

If only you could reduce the heat as well as resolving Alamy issues. I'm sitting indoors with all windows and the backdoor open, one fan running and it's 35 deg C!


Always keep curtains and blinds closed in hot weather (heavy curtains are good both in summer and winter), and never open the windows until evening when temperatures drop. Not great living in semi darkness, but it works. My flat was 10C cooler indoors (24C as opposed to 36C outside).

I followed the sun in that I opened windows once the sun had passed over the building (only because there was also a breeze) and that side was in shade (and cooler).  I grew up in a hot country, before air con, and this is what everyone did .... 


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