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Sony a7 original model: "Camera Error. Turn power off then on."

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2 hours ago, Marianne said:

The RAV Power batteries are sold on Amazon.


I got through to Sony very quickly on the 800 number. I'd try that before spending any money or junking the camera. They are very nice and will help answer questions even when you're out of warranty. They even gave me some ideas about a 29-year-old video camera with a stuck tape in it. And resolved the stuck dial issue on my A7riv


I love my Sony cameras, but they clearly are not hardy workhorses like my Nikons or even my tiny Olympus mirrorless. But they take amazingly detailed images.


Good luck getting it resolved or, alternatively, enjoying your other cameras. 


I'll try the 800 number sometime when Luis has the camera with him, probably next dry season (it's doing massive raining right now even though it was sunny this morning). 


One reason I gave the camera to Luis is that it still takes videos without any problems. Taking pictures manually and slowing down between shots is also not that bad a thing (I also used to have an ancient Calumet view camera).  I found the Yashinon cheap at a second hand store, about $3 US, but it is really sharp, enough to have a twinge of regret for giving it up.   Luis couldn't afford a good fully working used full frame digital camera.  He's a bit over thirty, going for the Nicaraguan equivalent of a GED, also taking a photography class, and helping two old gringo ladies.  If we're able to get it fixed, then he still keeps it.   If he can use it, I'll get something  back from the deal.  That's the way gift exchange works here.   I gave him a treadle sewing machine with a button hole attach me.   My British friend paid for repairs ($50) and we got clothes back.


Google shows this and problems similar are common enough with the Sonys,  but my other two haven't had shutter problems.   Since I'm 74 with a recovering knee,  I'll live with what I have.   I'd like a good macro and a good long zoom for birds and other wildlife, and if I come into that sort of money and feel I can get around well enough, I'll get them.  


Luis has a friend who goes regularly to the US who might bring back new batteries.  Dunno.  He's in touch with her via one of the phone messaging things.   I'd like to have some newer batteries, too.


And this was the most beautiful camera I ever had, traded for a Hasselblad body between the US and Bulgaria.  The Bulgarian put the body and lens up separately on eBay.   The lens was made before I was born.  The shutter worked.  :)




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