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March 2022 Challenge 'Landmark'

Ed Rooney

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I doubt I can compete with the entries so far, but I'll contribute to the conversation:


The ancient Avenue of the Dead in Téotihuacan, Mexico

Black and white Avenue of the Dead. Téotihuacan.  Tourists.  Ancient City.  CDMX. Mexico City, Mexico. Stock Photo





Port of Oakland from Jack London Square with the San Francisco skyline in the background, Oakland, California

San Francisco Ferry Building at the Embarcadero with Uncle Sam, San Francisco, California.
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On 07/03/2022 at 09:13, Ed Rooney said:


I wanted the March 2022 Challenge to be one all of us could enter.


Good luck, people! 


Good thinking Edo !


1) Here's one that you might possibly recognise




2) The Tyne Bridge and the Sage concert hall,  Geordie Icons




3) Durham Cathedral



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1. Guildford Cathedral at dusk




2. London England Temple (Mormon temple)




3. and one from my local town. This is the start of the Farnborough winter half-marathon at the old airship hangar.



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"Sentinel", sculptures of Spitfires in a roundabout near where the planes were built at Castle Bromwich, Birmingham.



A man working on the roof of Remembrance Hall, Birmingham in 2003, when the "Wheel Of Birmingham" was in Centenary Square.



Joggers run past the "Waves" sculpture on Seaton seafront, Devon


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33 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:




Have you tried the new sky replacement tool in the newer versions of Adobe PS? 



Absent that, with a hint of colour in the sky you can do quite a bit with selective saturation, clarity and so on in LR. Careful with the masking tool though- there can be edge artefacts.

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Ceredigion landmarks -




This graffiti covers the end wall of a ruined cottage next to the A487 in Ceredigion between Llanrhystud and Blaenplwyf. It refers to the drowning of Tryweryn and Capel Celyn and translates as "Remember Tryweryn". In the mid-1950s, Liverpool's growing population needed to increase its water supply. The city's Corporation applied to flood Tryweryn valley in Meirionethshire, which would leave the village of Capel Celyn underwater. Though local people protested vehemently, petitions were gathered from all over Wales and Welsh MPs overwhelmingly opposed the measure, the Bill was pushed through. The villagers of Capel Celyn were evacuated from their homes and work began on the building of a dam. In the direct action which followed, pipelines and tranformers for the construction were sabotaged, and Tryweryn became a symbol of Welsh conscience. In 2005, the city of Liverpool officially apologised for flooding Tryweryn valley in 1965.




Aberystwyth war memorial. The top figure represents Victory and the figure at the base represents Humanity emerging from the effects of war. The sculptor was Professor Mario Rutelli of Palermo (1859-1941) and the memorial was erected in the early 1920's.

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Settlement past and present in Aberystwyth. The huge Iron Age hillfort of Pen Dinas dominates the skyline to the south, rising above the modern homes of Penparcau. The column at the summit was built to display a statue of Wellington in 1858 and represents an upended cannon barrel. The statue was never installed and according to local legend was stolen from the railway station on arrival and likely melted down!

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Here's mine:


The construction of cladding on the spectacular new art museum Landesgalerie Niederösterreich, at Krems, Lower Austria




The golden sun of the Dreifaltigkeitssäule (holy trinity column) contrasting against a stormy sky in Stein an der Donau, in Lower Austria



Marian columns are religious monuments often depicting Virgin Mary on the top (but in this picture, showing a solar monstrance), often built in thanksgiving for the ending of a plague (plague columns) or for some other help. The purpose of the Holy Trinity columns was usually simply to celebrate the church and the faith, though the plague motif could sometimes play its role in their erection as well.



An autumnal view on the medieval castle Burgruine Dürnstein and the blue tower of Dürnstein Abbey (Stift Dürnstein)



Dürnstein was first mentioned in 1192 when, in the castle above the town, King Richard I of England was held captive by Leopold V, Duke of Austria, after their dispute during the Third Crusade. Richard the Lionheart had offended Leopold the Virtuous by casting down his standard from the walls at the Battle of Acre, and the duke suspected that King Richard ordered the murder of his cousin Conrad of Montferrat in Jerusalem. In consequence Pope Celestine III excommunicated Leopold for capturing a fellow crusader. The duke finally gave custody of the king to Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor, who imprisoned Richard at Trifels Castle. Dürnstein Castle was almost completely destroyed by the troops of the Swedish Empire under Field Marshal Lennart Torstenson in 1645.

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Thought I'd follow Edu's suggestion and include images of landmarks in my location.




Festival Palace Palacio de Festivales Santander Cantabria Spain Building designed to represent a tiger laying on its back with its legs in the air




Original family home The Promontory Palace of the Botin family owners of the Santander bank in morning sun Santander Cantabria Spain




Palacio de deportes (Sports Palace) known as La ballena (The whale) in Santander designed by architects Julian Franco and Jose Manuel Palao Cantabria Spain

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Good competition! Here are my three:


1. A cyclist crossing the U-Bein bridge at dawn, Mandalay, Myanmar





2.  The Empire State Building, NYC





3. Sunset over Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa





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I thought this would be an easy challenge but the more I thought about it the less well defined was my understanding of what exactly is a landmark. I'll try anyway...

A local one from the village where I live. Once an impressive mansion for the owner of the local factory (in the 19th century), now sadly in a state of decay.



First thing I thought of was Hoover Dam.




Taj Mahal is also an obvious candidate in my mind 🙂




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Liberty Bell, Philadelphia....   kensington kinetic sculpture derby mud pit challenge.





roosevelt island tram





the chapman school chimney, a landmark and roosting site for migrating vaux's swifts as they pass through portland.


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Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland:


Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden Circle tour in Iceland, a landmark travel destination and a wonder of nature with Stock Photo



The Tappan Zee Bridge, a New York landmark for about 50 years, until it was replaced by the Mario Cuomo Bridge a few years ago, and the the Tarrytown Lighthouse. Two landmarks for the price of one:


Tarrytown Lighthouse aka Kingsland Point Lighthouse aka Sleepy Hollow light house, and the now replaced Tappan Zee Stock Photo



I've got a bridge to sell you . . .


Brooklyn Bridge vector illustration abstract series with repeating pattern Stock Photo




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Devils Alley, King's Lynn

Legend has it that the Devil landed by boat, came ashore looking for souls and was confronted in this alley by a priest who drove him back to the sea.

The devil didn't just come down to Georgia apparently :)




Christchurch Priory At Sunset



Isle Of Wight, Needles And Hurst Castle Across Pennington Marshes



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9 hours ago, Tom Cassidy said:

  NYC to New Jersey ,Lincoln Tunnel...escapees KEWF0N.jpg


This challenge is ended. It was the March challenge.


Try the new challenge  "Cats and Dogs". April challenge.




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