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Time To Vote - February Challenge 'Chiaroscuro'

Martin L

February Challenge - Chiaroscuro  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favorite 'Chiaroscuro' image

    • Tenderness - NYCat
    • Paris - Abiyoyo
    • Coffee Shop - John Mitchell
    • Tulips - TeeCee
    • Sunrise In Nepal - Colin Woods
    • Twin Towers - Ed Rooney
    • Tommy - Alan Beastall
    • At The Fair - Kristin Cato

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  • Poll closed on 06/03/22 at 00:00

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Congrats Edo! I sure miss seeing those buildings whenever I come to NYC.  Driving up the New Jersey Turnpike or taking the train, they would be the first things I’d see to know I was almost there.  Looking forward to your Challenge subject!

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Is that it then, Martin? Is voting officially closed??? I don't want to jump the gun.


Oh, yes -- I see the statement above. 


Thank you all for your votes, fellow forum folks. I voted for Paulette's little bird.


I took this shot of the Towers about a year before they were brought down by al-Qaeda on 9/11. It wasn’t a grab shot. It took me several trips across the Hudson to find the right vantage point. I walked close to the river banks from Jersey City to Hoboken. The shot was taken from next to the ferry station in Hoboken with a Nikon F2 film SLR and a 180mm lens on Kodachrome ASA 25. 


I was on ferry-station property and the captain of a ferry coming in from Lower Manhattan used his bullhorn to tell me to leave the area. I didn’t leave until two New Jersey cops arrived to escort me out.


This is the second time I’ve won the challenge with an image that was captured back in the film era. Hmm. 


Tomorrow, I will announce the March 2022 challenge. 


Thanks again, Edo

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13 hours ago, Martin L said:

All votes in and counted.....congratulations Ed, your tiaras in the post


Wait.  I demand a recount.  I declare myself the winner!   Rudy, please handle this....


March photo Contest subject "Fraud"

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