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December 2021 Challenge: SMILE

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In such an ugly time the true protest is beauty. (Phil Ochs) but because smile is beauty can be said "In such an ugly time the true protest is smiling...."


I did not see this challenge before, therefore all smiles are welcome, small ones, big ones,


Same rules as always - choose 3 of your best pics in Alamy, entries close at midnight on the 31st December, Spanish time 🙂, after which I will choose 8 to vote for.


Some examples:










and of course do not follow this





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I see the winner already above.




Edited by Allan Bell
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Two cambridge bid ambassadors walking in Fitzroy Street Cambridge


Heavy horse appears to be smiling


Clown doll on market stall

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A cheerful topic at a gloomy time of year (in Vancouver anyway).


Smiling barber and customer, Dominican Republic


Smiling vegan chef, Vancouver
Smiling sisters, Riviera Maya, Mexico
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1. Participants smiling at a santa run.




2. Dancers at a Chinese New Year celebration.




3. Smiling girl in bee costume at the Peoples Walk for Wildlife.




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Congrats again Jorge! This challenge topic made me smile! 😀 Here are my three


1) Bahamas starfish with a smile




2) West Indian smile and a platter full of drinks




3) Egyptian girl with smile



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Congrats on your win! I am a little short on smiling faces in my port but here is my offering...


Portuguese traditional dancers in Providence, RI




Amusement park riders at Six Flags in Maryland




Tourists pose with Austrians in traditional dress at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg



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Well done Jorge. In these sad days we all need to have something to put a smile on our face. Hoping my three will make you smile.




Even fruit can do it.







Mirror, Mirror on the wall.







One more scoop please.




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Congratulations, Jorge! Well deserved win.



Smiling young man waiting for a haircut,  Zaachila, Oaxaca, Mexico




Shy smile of a young parade participant, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris.




Grinning motorcycle officer at the 159th anniversary celebration of Milan’s police force.



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My three, Sorry they're small, I'm no longer able to drag larger from Alamy, rather, having to copy address from AIM.

Happy Dolphin


Lola, a Bali beach seller, carrying her wares around her hat.



A smiling fangblenny



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Hi Jorge! Good topic for X'mas!


Here's my three:


1. Cuban man in his 60's, Trinidad, Cuba, Latin America





2. Two indigenous happy Ecuadorian girls, Otavalo, Ecuador, South America





3. Teenage sisters laughing in a downpour, Singapore, Asia






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A fake Roman theatre comedy mask with a chilling smile.




I asked this young Carabinieri to smile. This is what he came up with.




The famous Mona Lisa smile . . . and a pizza!



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Young happy fisherman having a good time.



Beautiful American Indigenous maiden at an Oklahoma centennial parade.


Great Grandfather meeting Great Granddaughter for the first time.




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6 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

I don't envy you choosing the eight finalists from the above images.







I am even thinking in alternatives to avoid this, e.g.


- Option 1. To subcontract the person to choose the final 8 images. I knew what happened to me last time and I do not what to repeat it.

- Option 2. To do like the Champion League, i.e. select 4 blocks of topics, animals, kids, groups, adults and run a voting system and the two tops of each group will go to the final 8 for a definitive selection of the winner.

- Option 3. Assign a number to each image and use a bingo cage and to choose 8 numbers.

- ....


I am thinking as well to follow the Spanish Eurovision song contest approach, that is to choose for the next Challenges, for a period of minimum one year, my worst images for that topic to be sure that I am not going to win. For peace on mind purpose 🙃

Edited by Abiyoyo
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