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What Would Make You More Productive?

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3 hours ago, geogphotos said:

It would be motivating to have just a slither of good news emerge from the stock photography business. 


Something positive from Alamy - not just Twitter talk/rebranding - something actually intentionally to reward and incentivise contributors.


But not holding my breathe - we are just part of the crowd. 


I haven't contributed since April/May and can't see much point. 

Very sporting of you to allow the rest of us to catch up!😇

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4 hours ago, geogphotos said:


I haven't contributed since April/May and can't see much point. 


I'm in Ian's shoes as well. 


What I need to make me productive is motivation.  Not so much to take the images, I have about a thousand sitting on SD cards, but to do the slog stuff like post processing and keywording.  I have little or no motivation for work for next to no return.  Since I am heading into a quiet time for my real business, I might finally go through all the shots and upload some, maybe, if I can get myself motivated, as Alamy certainly isn't providing me with any motivation.



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  • 3 weeks later...
  1. fair pricing for fair usage

  2. end of “honesty box” approach to sales – all sales charged at point of download

  3. max credit period – 2 months

  4. late payment penalties

  5. higher PU pricing or fair range of pricing for low res images

  6. next commission cut to be in respect of agencies only (not contributors)

  7. higher presentation etc pricing because of 5)


I reported an authorised use yesterday – 5 months and 4 days after it was published for a media organisation that at end of Dec 2020 had 302m Euros in cash and credit balances, and a revenue for the year of 1.295 bn Euros.

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Interesting to watch the number of photos in the library.  Following the recent commission cuts I was surprised to see the number of photos in the library increasing like normal.  Just this past week I started to notice it has slowed down immensely.  It has been at 280 million for awhile now.  Yes it is a lot, obviously, but the point is that a major slow down has happened in terms of the number of photos in the library.


As for motivation, I lost that months ago.  Interestingly I had 3 xxx photos sold to a museum.  I contacted Alamy, out of hope, to let them know these very rare photos (no others on Alamy) could be added to in terms of the topic area.....the life of an author.  I live relatively nearby (within an hour) and could take a lot more photos that could contribute to what I think is an exhibition of this author's life.  Asked Alamy if there was any way to approach them to ask if there are other specific needs and the reply was no (I presumed this but since everything else is changing I figured I would give it a go), that I should look at the rarely updated list of needed photos and to just go out and take photos.


I no longer just go out and take photos.  I will not use my time/money/resources to 'hope' a photo will be purchase for over x.  So, motivation, yes, it is gone.  I am cleaning up my library of photos but rarely adding to it nowadays. 

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On 22/11/2021 at 05:47, Ed Rooney said:


That is beside the obvious — higher fees and a larger percentage. 





That, in my opinion was a foolish thing to write.  As we both know what makes real photographers work is

the need to make images.  I do agree that the changes at Alamy, percentages, are negative, but there are 

not better options in 2021.


BTW, I am spending the winter working with my 14 year-old daughter who started downhill ski racing.


Hope you are well





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