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Hi, I'm preparing a submission and wonder if the original post-processing I've applied would be suitable for Alamy. There is a few images out there but I feel its not the norm, is it worth submitting heavily processed images or is a more simple cleaner finish preferred by buyers?

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Guest dlmphotog

Don’t worry about the norm, there are millions of “Normal” images on Alamy. If you like the post processing you have done then I would say submit it and if it gets past QC all the better.


Will it sell… who knows?

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Get your normal work through QC first, then send the heavily processed images, sit back and wait, could be up to a month!

On the other hand, they could sail through without problems, and start making sales.


I tend to play safe and leave heavily processed work for inclusion on other sites such as FineArtAmerica or Red Bubble, but they are not selling well there anyway.


Good luck :)

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Thanks for all the helpful replies. I think I'll submit normalised versions first then submit a smaller set with the heavier processing afterwards


Email MS? Who is MS and what is there email address?

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If you have something that you feel may infringe QC on a bad day then email MS with a copy and ask. Much better than getting the wrath.



You've done this?


A while ago I was toying with some extreme ps'd images that looked more like illustrations than photos in that they were extreme b/w high contrast (no grey tones at all).

I sent MS a copy of one and they said it was ok to submit them, although I have still not got around to it yet.

That said I don't think they would be too over the moon about people sending in General is this good enough images etc.

MS can be quite helpful at times.

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