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On 22/10/2021 at 15:53, Chuck Nacke said:

FIRST; This has little or nothing to do with the OP's original post, but


When I was working as a young publication photographer in Seattle, WA, USA

in the late 1970's I did a story on a guy who stood on a street corner in the central area

of Seattle begging for money, actually he was pretty passive and just stood there with a 

sign asking for "donations."  One day we shared a coffee, he paid for both of us, and he told me he was making

$200.00 USD a day.  Or more than I was making working for a publication.


He was not stealing from anyone, he was not accosting anyone.


What is wrong with him or what he was doing?


Now back to your regular channel.






I guess it's not much different from starting a "go fund me" page and asking for donations, which is what a lot of people do today.


That said, demonizing the poor is a very dangerous road to go down IMO. There are plenty of legitimately desperate people living on the streets of big (and rich) cities like Seattle and Vancouver. Sure, there will always be hustlers, but they are the exceptions.

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On 22/10/2021 at 17:42, aphperspective said:

To fill my tank now Betty in Dollars would about $105, so I only put less than half a tank at a time.

I filled mine up for $38. It wasn’t empty, but had about 1/4 tank left. A year ago it would have cost $28. 

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