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7 hours ago, MarkK said:

Sorry to reply in the open forum here but not sure how to reach you via this site.  I looked on FB under your screen name here but couldn't find you.  I did find, however, the group for Grey Nomads which I love.  Being nomadic, or peripatetic, really opens one up to opportunities for off-the-beaten path photos.  MarkMark


My FB name is Genevieve Vallee. I'm also a member of Grey Nomads.

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Hi everyone, 


This process is still ongoing and is taking a little longer than originally hoped. Sadly, it's not as simple as just refuding and rebilling the images again. In addition to the original 20 spotted, upon invetigation there are more affected including images that have not been rebilled, images which have sold multiple times and images which have been rebilled at the differing commission rate - working through this is a manual task which is taking some time to ensure it is correct. 

Sorry for the delay - but those with commission due back to them will recieve it in due course. 





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