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3 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


Very much a mini roller-coaster for me. July and August were poor; September is good so far. ūüéĘ


I also find that sales often show up clumps with longish spaces between them. Must have something to do with how Alamy bills customers (?).

Yep like a roller coaster alright.  After two really nice months, I feel like I am almost free falling with my hands up in the air.  Never did like roller coasters.  It’s good to see that some people are having a good month!


One thing that is making a bad month at Alamy, not so depressing, is that this might end up being my best ever month for assignment work.

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I'm really hoping the end of the month brings some sales because (for me anyway)it's been slow and I'm seeing a lot more of those really low fees than ever before. I'll echo Michael in saying that it is reassuring to hear that others are having a good month, however.

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9 sales.... of very little value. To be honest, I can only think of one agency that has lower value licences than the ones I've had here this month. I don't know. It maybe a quiet spell although it's been very busy elsewhere but hopefully they'll pull it around. Alamy and Corbis were my 1st two agencies... Corbis swallowed up by Getty and now Alamy falling in on itself. Come on Alamy, get a grip, you can do it!

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On 23/08/2021 at 04:12, Alex Ramsay said:

Unless things pick up very soon, this is shaping to be the worst month I've had in years. Anyone else?



This is shaping up to be my worst YEAR since 2016. I need another $50 to stay in whatever-the-fnork the "middle level" is called. (You can see how much I care anymore.)

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