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Being new and  one of the last in the pecking order I am too waiting for QC  but I do understand the members who have been posting here for years should get there's  passed first .. I would just like to know if mine have failed :( .. since starting back this year in November I have only posted 168 but not one fail... I will keep fingers XX they have passed this time Alamy are very busy and will get around to me in time... :unsure:


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I uploaded 3 batches on 25, 26 & 27 Nov, all of which passed the QC yesterday (3 Dec).  It was taking longer than recent average turnaround, so I was beginning to worry a bit.

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 my radio acceptance is 85%. In care responded to the taxpayer that I have to wait 28 days.  :angry:

Pardon? This doesn't make sense.



Looks like a Babelfish translation.



Google Translate.



My acceptance ratio is 85%. Member service responded that I have to wait 28 days


In Spanish contributor is a contribuyente which is taxpayer in English. The radio may have been a typo or a freak translation: I get ratio either way.

(Lauria has a lot of images from BA. The Argentinians speak Spanish - although some think they are in fact Italians that speak Spanish ;-)



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When traveling in Latin America, I spoke a patwa of Italian and Spanish . . . until I arrived in BA, where, at least in the La Boca neighborhood, many of the people spoke Italian well. But this was a while ago, and the younger people may well have lost their Italian, as they have here in New York's Little Italy. 

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