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It appears that the sensor size is 1/2.3", which is the smallest size in this diagram:




Put that together with a small lens and I doubt it would pass QC or even be accepted, at least for stills. And there's probably already a lifetime supply of videos on youtube.

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The GoPro is on the unsuitable camera list:




I have a GoPro Hero 3 and even if it was on the accepted list of cameras I'd never submit any of the photos I have taken, the quality really isn't up to the standars required- videos on the other hand are very good (although maybe because I've learnt to be more self-critical over my photography and I am a total novice with videos).  Interestingly I find the fact that its images are unsuitable quite liberating - I can use it purely for the enjoyment of photography/videography without concerning myself with worrying about QC.



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