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USA, The New York Times (print) August 1st 2021 edition


Arts and Leisure section


Pg. 7,  Nadia and Lili Boulanger 1913, Rapp Halour


Nadia et Lili Boulanger 1913. Stock Photo


Pg. 7, Nadia Boulanger, Lebrecht Music and Arts


Nadia Boulanger with competitors for Grand Prix de Rome, 1907  (From July Musica, 1907)  L-R: Leboucher, Masselier, Stock Photo


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Robert Stainforth



Jeff Morgan (X2)

Peter Williams



Mark Waugh



Nature Photographers Ltd

Ann and Steve Toon



Johner Images






Photofusion Picture Library



Stanca Sanda



John Bentley

Stuart Black



Matthew Horwood






Ian M Butterfield



Benjamin John



Derek Dryland

Greg Balfour Evans



Benjamin Wareing



Edited by John Morrison
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16 hours ago, TeeCee said:

Ambulances parked outside Accident and Emergency department at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Iain Masterton
Image ID: RR6GHX


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17 hours ago, TeeCee said:

Sunday Times, 1st August


Entrance to the NCP Car park on Castle Terrace with Edinburgh Castle in the background.

Alan Wilson
Image ID: G3G787




Thanks for spoting this, TeeCee 👍


Edited by AlanW
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17 hours ago, TeeCee said:

Sunday Times, 1st August



Three terraced houses Alllerton Road at 82-86 Allerton Road, Woolton, Liverpool. Dating from before 1840 these are Grade II listed buildings.
JY Stock Images
Image ID: T8K6Y8



Thank you, TeeCee for spotting this usage and for your ongoing sterling effort in trawling through The Times.

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5 hours ago, Iain Masterton said:



5 hours ago, AlanW said:


Thanks for spoting this, TeeCee 👍



4 hours ago, Joseph Clemson said:


Thank you, TeeCee for spotting this usage and for your ongoing sterling effort in trawling through The Times.


Cheers Joseph, Iain, and Alan! Unfortunately not enough time to do even half what Bryan used to - he's sorely missed....

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Limeuil at the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers, Périgord, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France, F346YY

The Coldest Case, Martin Walker

book cover

ISBN 9780525656678 (hardcover) | ISBN 9780525656685 (ebook)

David Noton Photography

Edited by Cecile Marion
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Times, 4th August


Tokyo, Japan. 30th July, 2021. Karsten Warholm of Norway competes during the men's 400m hurdles heats at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in Tokyo, Japan, July 30, 2021.
Wang Lili/Xinhua
Image ID: 2GAAH1G

1964 Ferrari 250 GTO/64 with driver James Cottingham during the Graham Hill Trophy race at Goodwood GRRC 75th Members Meeting, Sussex, UK.
Image ID: JDKD13

Pierre Bardinon in one of his collection of Classic Ferrari racing cars at Mas Du Clos France 1990
Goddard Archive
Image ID: 2BCR93J

Moscow, Russia. 23rd July, 2021. Actress Liya Akhedzhakova as Grandma Nuria performs in a scene from a production of Rinat Tashimov's play The First Bread staged by Polish director Benjamin Koc at Moscow's Sovremennik Theater.
Sergei Karpukhin/TASS
Image ID: 2G8YX6C

St. Petersburg, Russia - November 17, 2018: Mikhail Lermontov, Advisor to the Minister of culture participates in discussion during Saint-Petersburg I
Lilyana Vynogradova
Image ID: R2DKH3

The Scottish government hopes that vaccinations at nightclubs may prove to be a quick and effective way to vaccinate many people at the same time
Panther Media GmbH
Image ID: JDY7MD

The Insolvency Service offices, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Image ID: 2B62D98

A person is holding a passport and a smart phone with a digital illustration.
Travel Wild
Image ID: 2E3R7DJ


It is unclear whether Lorna Slater and her fellow Green co-leader, Patrick Harvie, would get ministerial jobs
(Can't find it)

Red Deer Stag on a sunny day in Glen Etive, Scotland
Hamish Mckay
Image ID: T5C5KC


8 1/2, from left: Cesarino Miceli Picardi, Sandra Milo, Ian Dallas, 1963
Everett Collection Inc

Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 30th July, 2021. PICTURED: Angela Constance MSP, Minister for Drug Policy. People speaking about their experiences of steps of Buchanan Street. Drug deaths in Scotland have increased to a new record peak for the seventh year in a row, according to “horrifying and heartbreaking” figures published today. The “shocking” news that 1,339 people died from drugs in 2020 means that Scotland's drug death rate remains by far the worst in Europe.
Colin Fisher
Image ID: 2GADJ06

Hands rolling a cigarette with tobacco and filter, smoking
Image ID: H4BC48

Clayton Hotel in Sligo, Republic of Ireland, Europe
Sergio Azenha
Image ID: 2C2KE6B


Edited by TeeCee
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The Guardian

Letters kept on arriving that were clearly intended for a different person at a different address. Photograph: Victoria Clark/Alamy

Red alert over customs duty which has to be paid on a parcel out for delivery. Photograph: David J Green/Alamy

Edited by Cassius
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Maddie Red Photography



Maurice Savage



Keith Morris



Tony Smith



Alan Wilson






Greg Balfour Evans

Paul Quayle

Stephen Spraggon



Steve Speller



Imaginechina Limited



Maria Galan



Cultura Creative (RF)



MI News & Sport



Edited by John Morrison
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Anastasiya Tsiasemnikava






Evelien Doosje



James Lesser



SC Horticulture



Nick Upton



Imaginechina Limited



Robert Smith



SGR Photography



Justin Kase zsixz









Doug Houghton



Joanne Newman

Jonathan Ball

David Reed

Paul Richardson

Caroline Eastwood

John Hopkins

Harry Harrison

Kevin Britland



Herve Lenain



Edited by John Morrison
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04/08/2021 Daily Telegraph (print)

Artists taking part in Sketch on The Square, Trafalgar Square, London. 2GBC3R7 Guy Bellamy/Live News

18th century portrait of Francis Williams, Jamaican mathematician and poet. A6XE48 V&A Images 

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Times, 5th August


Metro station at Cuatro Caminos is a busy district to the North of Madrid City Centre, Spain
Scott Hortop Travel
Image ID: D6YP0E


Dundee, Tayside, Scotland, UK. 17th Nov, 2020. UK News Covid-19 Lockdown. People walking in the streets in Dundee with few essential retail clothing stores open since the stricter Level 3 Covid-19 Lockdown restriction was enforced. A woman wearing a face mask is aware of the social distancing guidelines and the wearing of face masks walking carrying large Sports Direct store carrier bag during last minute Christmas shopping in the city centre on a mild and sunny November afternoon.
Dundee Photographics/Alamy Live News
Image ID: 2DBJ0DC

KPMG building, London, UK
Image ID: MBP5P3

The Stunning and Quirky Selfridges & Co Building in Birmingham, UK
Martin Williams


Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) sat on mossy tree stump in woodland setting. Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, UK
Wild Dales Photography - Simon Phillpotts
Image ID: DG2EWY

Scotland Glasgow Young people at the trendy Cube nightclub
Yadid Levy


Edited by TeeCee
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Times, 6th August


Purple heather covers the mountains in the Cairngorms National Park near Tomintoul. highest village in the Scottish Highlands, Scotland
Clive Horton
Image ID: 2EC5C1D

ROBIN AND MARIAN 1976 Columbioa Pictures film with Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery
Pictorial Press Ltd

Image ID: CT4CRG

Centre of Burnley at dusk, Lancashire, England UK
John Morrison
Image ID: ED6DMJ

Golden poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis) ""yellow"", Understory Enterprises, Captive raised, Native to: Colombia.
Image ID: RKN1M7

Valley of the Fallen in Madrid, Spain
Alfredo Garcia Saz
Image ID: RJ32KR

Beta Giorgis / Bete Giyorgis / Church of Saint George, one of eleven rock-hewn monolithic churches in Lalibela, Lasta Amhara Region, Ethiopia, Africa
Arterra Picture Library
Image ID: 2C75Y5H

Architectural spheres outside Amazon's headquarters. in Seattle Washington, USA.
Images by Morgana
Image ID: W5F1M9

Children at a First Communion Mass
Richard Wayman
Image ID: D8EFCX

Edinburgh Scotland, UK August 05 2021. Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance spaces are constructed in Parliament Square. credit alamy live news
Image ID: 2GBT9WK


Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. 31st July, 2021. Locals and tourists, many from the UK, basking on the city beach in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. Despite the rising number of new Covid cases, and the risk of Spain going back onto Amber plus list, The Canary Islands have seen a big influx of British tourists since being removed from the UK Amber list on 19th July. Credit: Alan Dawson/Alamy Live News.
Alan Dawson


Glasgow, UK. 14 February 2019. Scenes from outside of the court during Alesha McPhail's Murder Trial. Alesha's body was found in the grounds of a former hotel on 2 July last year. Not able to name the accused. It is illegal in Scotland to publish the name, address, school or any other information which could identify anyone under the age of 18 who is the accused, victim or witness in a criminal case This law applies to social media as well as to websites, newspapers and TV and radio programmes. Credit: Colin Fisher/Alamy Live News
Colin Fisher
Image ID: RMF97F


Exterior of passenger terminal at Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
Iain Masterton
Image ID: MC9Y04

Edited by TeeCee
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