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Alamy's blog post on discoverability

Jill Morgan


I checked out Alamy's new blog on discoverability, and it seems they are pushing really low low important keywords that will give people more false views than real views.


This is there image of good discoverability for keywords on an image. They don't show the actual image, so not sure how many other's are relevant.




Now maybe the people at Alamy don't know anything about dogs, but French Bulldogs and Bulldogs are two different breeds of dog.  So there should not be a Bulldog tag.  And using idiotic keywords like ears, muzzle, patches. snout, nose, eyes and even small and big at the same time. Yet they don't have "Purebred Dog"  or "pushed face dog" as one of the keywords. And they have outdoors and small as both supertags and a regular tags.  And really, 'fresh air" is really pushing it.  I could go on and on.  So Alamy is saying to put in useless words to get that magic green bar that in the long run is only going to drop a contributor's CTR because of all the false views.


Shame Alamy.



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Hi All, 


Thanks for raising this, we agree that the example image used should've been better and will make sure it's amended - sorry for the confusion this has caused.


We can assure you that adding spurious keywords to get the discoverability bar to go green does not help with search placement.




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