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In between the lines challenge POLL


Please vote for the nomineesof the 'In between the lines challenge'   

41 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favourite lines

    • F6T13H Paulette Sinclair
    • HPA31E Jill Morgan
    • 2AGM4FG Ed Rooney
    • 2B8DT19 Jorge Tutor
    • GJ2TCY Wiskerke
    • 2BE40EC Everyday Artistry Photography
    • HNBA21 Stephen Hyde
    • 2FH6M79 Sally Robertson

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Duplicate. I'm struggling with my Internet connection, it sent it twice. Perhaps it's one congratulation per cheek? 🤣

I tried it with my sales licenses but it did not double them...


Well done also to all other nominees and participants, the entries were high standard. Thank you for the fun!

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Oooooo. Thank you! So happy. It is the Indian Rhino that has those layers that look like armor. The African ones have pretty plain cabooses. I have a topic in mind and I will get to work tomorrow to start the process.



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