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Opting out of distribution

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19 hours ago, spacecadet said:

You can only opt out in April.


actually because of the Contract change they have reopened the opting out, since the new contract negatively affects Distribution. 


20 hours ago, SRJUK said:

I feel like I'm asking a really dumb questions here... but where are you lot 'opting out' of distribution countries?  I don't see any option anywhere to do such a thing.


On Your dashboard

GOTO- Additional Revenue Options

Select- Distribution


This will take you to a page where you can select and unselect all or some specific territories.  



Note it was never clarified  what happens to territories that are not listed, as it says you opt-out of the ones you unselect, which is not possible for "Serbia"  which seemed to have lead to issues with one distributor that had 4 offices including Serbia. 

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