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Help!! Why do I need to log in every time?

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My guess is that this has been covered before, but I can not find the answer!


Every time I come to this forum I have to log in before I can add or reply - I am sure there must be a 'keep me logged in' routine?


Any one?



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Usually, I have the 'keep me logged in' box ticked on main Alamy page when it asks for log in details. Ocassionally, like this morning I find I have to log in, again. May be due to housekeeping and maintenance or changes at Alamy's end. It's not just Alamy that logs me out when I've used the 'keep logged in' box. I've experienced same with other sites infrequently kicking me out, until I re-enter my details.


Though, you shouldn't have to log in every time if you have ticked the stay logged in box. Might be worth contacting MS if that keeps happening.



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I have no problem accessing the Alamy site - it is the forum I have to log into every time I want to comment etc


Its the same for logging in to the forum. I have just had to do it as I cleared cookies, caches, etc earlier.


There is an almost invisible "tick box" under where you enter your password, which is the same as your Alamy password.




PS: using IE8



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I probably should have followed up in my thread on the subject: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/1367-staying-signed-in-to-the-forum/


I deleted all cookies related to Alamy.  On the next boot up Firefox remembers my password on both Alamy and the forum as usual.  So all got fixed for me.  Of course I did so much clicking around it may have been something else, but try that.

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