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Vote for your favourite Busker Photo!

Vote for Ed Rooney's April 2021 Challenge: Buskers   

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  1. 1. Vote for your favorite Buskers photo, Poll closes on the 7th

    • Music Menu - Wiskerke AT5X5R
    • Porto - Spacecadet HCFYMH
    • Giant Panda - Meanderingemu 2A19B2R
    • Firebreather - Gvallee A9EY4W
    • Floating Witch - Sally T4D0RN
    • Hardcore Busking - Colin Woods CPBK4W
    • Mexico City Boy - The Blinking Eye 2A2X92T
    • Dancing Girl - Losdemas DABAFW

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  • Poll closed on 07/05/21 at 22:00

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On 07/05/2021 at 18:17, Ed Rooney said:

It's a tie! Both Kristin Cato and Gvallee got 16 votes each. Now what happens? Has there been ties before?


I’m not sure if this is policy in our monthly challenge, but I want to make a comment on each of my final eight.


Porto: What caught me in this image is the combination of personal delight, function, and danger. He is too close to the edge of that staircase. I was considering Porto as a place to settle, but the city has too many staircases to climb for this old guy.


Panda: You would think this little boy might have been afraid of the enormous Panda, but he’s not.


Fire breather: This image came from behind and ended up as the winner with Kristin's Mexico City Boy. Like with most of Gen’s work, there is nothing amiss about this image -- another perfect capture from our French friend Down Under.


Witch: Without the passing woman (in a hurry but she still had to turn her head), this snap would be less worthy.


Hardcore busking: Only if you’ve known winter in Canada, would you get what a formidable person this woman is.


Dancing girl: She’s adorable, and of course she’s the star . . . but all the others contribute to the success of this image; everyone of the people in the frame is connected to what’s happening and add to the impact.


The Mexico City boy and the Music menu girl are both very special. We cry out for a lost childhood. They are on the street begging money for adults instead of at home playing with a dog.


Good work, gang. (I had 8 more that could have been winners.)







Ed loved your explanations as to why you chose the eight. Your eye for detail is excellent and we all can learn from your thoughts. 

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