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How was your 2020 ?

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My second full year here. In 2019 I had only 3 sales, in 2020 it was 21. Revenue was doubled.

Thanks all of you for the plenty of advice, and Alamy for connecting to buyers!

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2019 vs 2020:

Port increase: +26% (+444 images)
Views: -9%
Zooms: +48% (best year)
Number sales: +138% (best year)
Gross income: +89,7% (included ASCRL and DACS payments, first time) (best year)
Net income: +90,6% (best year)
Gross and net average price: -20% (this is going downhill year by year…worst ever)
Earnings per image per year: +51%

Yet to consider that 2019 wasn’t a good year in numbers compared to 2018 (which is the year I started to increase my port and have regular sales), so 2020 numbers seems quite good relatively.

Thank you Alamy. For a better new year!

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3 hours ago, Rick Lewis said:

Best year ever for me here on Alamy.  I sold more in 2020 than in 2019.  My net went way up due to this but my average per sale went up also.


Hoping 2021 continues this trend for me.

Rick, do you realize the first photo on page one using your blue numbers says “date taken 3rd January 23”?  They made a movie about time travel, but....wanna see the car you use

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I only really started uploading in 2018, first sale was only in 2019. Here's how my 2019 compares to 2020.



sales - 8

revenue - lowish $$$



sales - 21

revenue - very high $$$. oh so nearly $$$$


almost a triple of sales volume, and a five fold increase in revenue. Am happy with that.


Though, I don't hope for much of an increase over 2020 this year. While I have added more, and still have a fair few more to add, it's not as much of an increase in image count as I'd like due to covid. Have been so slow to list a lot of images that probably could have netted me a few extra sales. I just don't have the energy.


This year I aim to become properly exclusive here. I just don't see the micro's as worth it. Came off shutterstock after their royalty changes, and the others don't do much for me.

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