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I'd choose news and stock from the given options. I still don't really know how I ended up here as it was never a plan but there came a realisation about five years or so ago that I had drives full of acceptable quality images of who, what, where's and whens, and forty odd years of reading publications and that there was a correlation between the two that the former might be of use to the latter. And that was all there was to it, initially. A few years of just uploading old images, then adding some new ones, and then the new shoots took over. Never had any training. A weekend warrior, the type that some love to hate. Being an hour's train ride from London I learned that you can just rock up at a protest march, or catch an MP outside Parliament, and sell that as news, so that became another string to the bow, and then some sport. Having finally finished working through the old stuff 2020 was going to be a year of pushing to get into more events and finding outlets to sell more...... I'll try again in 2021!

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3 hours ago, MizBrown said:


Ever been to the Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas?   I only had a point and shoot with me when I was out there, and would have like to have had a better camera.   Also, some historical sites in the area -- a friend of mine and I and my little dog stayed overnight at a small luxury hotel in Cottonwood Falls. 


The Preserve had plans to reintroduce bison when we were there, but hadn't done it yet.  They have now: 




The woman who ran the hotel and restaurant introduced us to a cattle buyer and to someone who knew about a falcon breeding program (closed by that time) that had sold hybrid falcons to middle eastern falconers.  I think they had moved  on to reptile breeding. 


And I haven't photographed the luffa gourd plant growing out over the telephone or electric wires over a street near here, with the gourds dangling, or the two volunteer plants (weeds) that my phone's app ID'ed recently in my courtyard.  I feel sorry for myself being stuck in Jinotega, Nicaragua, sometimes.  Most of what Alamy offers for Nicaragua outside Granada are scenes of violence and civil strife or concocted graphics about a non-existent lockdown here (nope, Ortega said given how poor Nicaragua was, that would kill the country).   I'm currently moderating a Spanish-language orchid lovers group and have come to the conclusion that the people north of the Rio Bravo are clueless about Latin America. 


Don't know if you have a car or not.   These days, Alamy seems to be calling for local travel inside various countries for those country's citizens.   After the pandemic, getting around should be easier, but I wouldn't get on a local bus until after the vaccine, and even then would probably wear a mask.   Here does have local buses to about everywhere, though often very crowded. 

Yes, I do have a car, (dependable Subaru crossover) and going to the Tallgrass Preserve is on my bucket list. I will wait until everything is green again. I have driven around in the countryside and photographed some barns, crops and such. I need to go back to the Amish community less than an hour away and see if I can get anything there. I came up dry the first time I went.
My crossover SUV sits up high enough I can go off-road if I need to.
I had thought to go to Dodge City for the history,  but a local said it isn’t what I would expect...wasted trip. Plus it’s already well-covered here.

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Are you far from Kansas City, Betty? I did a piece on the famous BBQ place there. But they had good BBQ in Dallas too. I get the brisket. 


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1 hour ago, Betty LaRue said:

I need to go back to the Amish community less than an hour away and see if I can get anything there. I came up dry the first time I went.


The Amish do not like to be photographed.  I went through Dodge City, but there are some interesting things in the eastern part including some sites and signs about the Spanish explorers and missionaries in that area.   Alamy has five pages for Kansas Tallgrass Prairie.  Also, Cottonwood Falls has a celebration and also has some interesting shops for a town of that size. 


I suspect that things are more interesting if you haven't been looking at them for most of your life.  One novelist found a girl tending store at an Italian gas station who thought Florence was boring. 

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4 hours ago, Avpics said:

Never had any training. A weekend warrior, the type that some love to hate. 


That more or less describes me. The photography is an antidote to the dull as dishwater (but otherwise very stable and worth having) day job, but it does make me die inside on the days like today where it's a glorious day with animals and people alike to be photographed and I'm stuck inside unable to join in. Given how much of my spare time goes to either taking photos or processing them and the fact I just don't seem to tire of it does increasingly make me think I should try and turn it into full time paying work but I think the chances of that happening are slim. The problem is, the chances of me getting better at it and being in a position to photograph worthy content is diminished by being unavailable during most of the day, so it's a catch-22. For now it remains just a hobby, mostly stock and art. I've dabbled with live news on the protests, but the problem is I am competing with seasoned journalists and/or people with the latest gear who have downloaded the money shot to their mobile and pinged it off to HQ before I've even found a place to perch with my laptop. I am glad that it's a challenging environment, though.

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