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No sales, what I'm doing is wrong

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On 04/12/2020 at 15:35, Hanna_Fate said:

Sometimes people asking for help are just hoping they need to change a setting or something.  They don't really want to WORK at it.


Got to agree with this. Treat it almost like a side business (which is particularly realistic given you'll likely run at a loss for years at first). I put a large majority of my free time into doing this because I have a passion for photography and it keeps me from being idle mainly. I guess if you don't have the stamina to work at it like that then the rewards theoretically will be lower, but it is up to you.

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On 04/12/2020 at 09:35, Hanna_Fate said:


Some of these people only barely know which way to point the camera.  Subtleties such as depth of field escape them.



So true. I remember when I went from a point and shoot to a SLR. My husband knew what the settings did. I asked to use his camera (film) and asked him what the settings meant so I could take the shots I wanted, the effects I desired.  Which were portraits of our daughter lying on a large nearly black horizontal tree limb among gorgeous bright yellow autumn leaves. The light was spectacular.
I still remember his teachings about depth of field, invaluable information. Also shutter speed, in relation to pointing the camera at anything that moved. I had a desire to know how to do it right before ever taking a photograph.
All these years later, what he told me stuck.

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