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DACS said that my claim was reduced because Alamy had also claimed for me. The reduction was £1600 and the Alamy claim worth about £400. Mystery to me is that Alamy also claims for my late wife's pseudonym and DACS didn't make any similar reduction on hers. Fortunately overall I also have ALCS and PLS, as a writer and publisher, and the totals have been OK over the last 2-3 years due to playing catch up with unclaimed dues.

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I received mine too. First time for me. Low $$, but just enough for receiving a november pay :) So happy about that.

I would also vote for more transparency and clarification about DACS accounting. If there is an Alamy commision, it should appear in the account balance as the rest.

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4 hours ago, Sharon said:

I received my first payment.. was pleasantly surprised.

Congrats Sharon!

Me too.

Mine is for a whopping $3.78, but hey, I'll take it 😀.


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On 26/10/2020 at 05:01, gvallee said:

43% increase on last year. No separate German DACS so far, so perhaps they are aggregated.

American DACS equivalent (ASCRL) received in August.


I never hear of ASCRL before thanks for mentioning it!


I got a nice tidy sum from DACS but I hate having to pay £20+ in VAT on my DACS payment - inland revenue has a free form for me to get it back but the US Internal Revenue form I'd need to file each and every year costs $80 so I'd end up losing a big chunk of my DACS payment and significantly more than is being withheld. I also get charged $15 by my bank for the incoming foreign funds, but it's still nice to get something in these Covid days. Enough to go out to dinner if going out to dinner were a possibility. And given I'm from the US and most of my content is US based, I think that DACS is a great program. I claim on my own though I know it means I might be missing some of what Alamy could claim for me, but I have enough UK licenses from other agencies that overall it's worth it to do the work myself and update my claim each year. 

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