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Western Digital Warns External Hard Drive Customers Over Mavericks Data Loss

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Thanks for the warning Shergar.  I use WD drives but not the ones with their software so hopefully I'm OK.  Just upgraded to Mavericks at the weekend and there are some minor niggles but not noticed anything major yet.



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I had a LaCie  drive get the click of death and die on me this week.I have 8 other back up drives and a few are WD. I was trying to get my system all backed up so I could upgrade to Mavericks so this is good to know. I will hold off.I think I have the software on one or more drives.

Thanks for posting.



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Thanks for the warning. I have a couple of WD drives (with Smartware installed) as alternate backups for my Microsoft PC. There are others without software too. In fact I think my system is backed up on 5 drives.


When I change to iMac all software supplied with external drives will be dumped. In fact I my go over to SSDs instead of using spinning disks.



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