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8 hours ago, M.Chapman said:

Yes it was me. Pictures below are from the Sony RX100 Mk III at widest angle (8.8mm) with distortion correction on and off (according to DXO Optics 9). DXO use their own profile for lens correction and you can turn it on and off. I've been unable to verify if the lens correction parameters are also "baked" into my Sony's RAW files (they aren't visible in the RAW or the DNG EXIF data, but that doesn't meant they aren't there). I'm sure I had DNG file inspector somewhere...






Scary amount of distortion correction. Look how many corner pixels get thown away, and the remainder get "stretched" to fill the space, giving some corner softness...


That's very interesting Mark. I had no idea that amount of distortion correction was being applied. I think that may explain some of the corner softness I'm seeing.


Thanks very much for everyone's input on this topic. I'm learning a lot!

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