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Cannot upload photos using FileZilla Pro

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29 minutes ago, Pekka Liukkonen said:

I tried after a long while to upload some photos but I can´t. This is what I get:

Status:    Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".
Error:    Could not connect to server

Anyone else having the same...



Right after posting that, it miraculously started working after a couple of tries and some swear words in Finnish.

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I always use an FTP upload for my images using software that’s built in to the Windows 10 Operating System. No additional software required.


You just need to setup an FTP connection in the Windows File Explorer, type in your Alamy user name and password when prompted and a connection is made to your image upload area. I then just drag and drop the jpg images into the Alamy FTP ‘Stock’ folder and the file transfer starts.

You can then save a shortcut to the connection in File Explorer that automatically connects when you want to create a new Alamy FTP session.


It’s a really simple, natural workflow and has never failed once in 3+ years.

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