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July 2020 Favourite Uploads

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On 22/07/2020 at 11:34, Betty LaRue said:

What’s wrong with my back, needles can’t fix. Treatment from breast cancer damaged my immune system. Then the extreme stress of caring for my husband who had dementia, (who, during his hallucinations said if he had a gun he would kill me) and the fact I was only getting 5 hours of sleep a night for several years because of needing to be ever watchful, damaged my immune response further. The Candida everyone has in their bodies went rampant in mine, (Systemic Candida) attacking my whole respiratory system including throat and lungs. I could never rest when I was ill because my husband wouldn’t allow it, he’d bang on the door 5 minutes after I laid down and yell, “get up” so I was like a zombie. Then it attacked my spine and caused it to collapse sideways at the bottom 3 years ago. The only way to fix it is surgery.  
But I don’t have any aversion to acupuncture, even if it did hurt I have a stiff upper lip, and it might help the pain. I still have Candida always lurking but it is mild now, and I can stop it from becoming severe easily when it blooms.
I’m sorry you have to deal with that stuff, Marianne. Handling it isn’t for sissies, that’s for sure.
On a good note, my Althea shrubs are beautifully blooming, I picked a handful of cherry tomatoes and two slicers this morning. And we had an inch of much-needed rain yesterday morning. I backed my car out and let the rain wash it! 😄


So very sorry for all you've been through Betty - acupuncture helps with immune system issues too - it could ease the pain pre-surgery - and those needles look scary but they don't hurt - I usually fall asleep during my treatments. 

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A couple:



Maxillaria cucullata, one of the several Maxillarias species orchids I have.




  Oncidium sphacelatum




Nicaraguan black pottery from an indigenous women's coop, taken a while back, but just added to my portfolio recently.

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