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Sony Alpha - looking to get more MP and a bit better autofocus.

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3 hours ago, Olivier Parent said:


Most of the time, when you need to crank up the ISO, it is because you need to shoot a moving subject in situations where 1/30s would not get you a single usable shot and Steady Shot (or a tripod) cannot help you either. Even in quite ordinary situations such as photographing concerts in low light, or maybe some fish in an aquarium… (not to mention sports photography, astrophotography, or a black grouse at dusk in the woods of course), neither 85mm nor f:1.4 or 1/30s might be an option… As an example, I have been shooting in a dimly lit aquarium this winter and in some cases I had to use ISO 12800 because some fish use to live in very poorly lit environments and just cannot stand more light (and unfortunately, they do not seem to listen when ask them to "freeze"). Sometimes high ISO is just the only way to get the job done. So, for many photographers and videographers, ISO performance is absolutely crucial. Of course, it all depends on one's own needs.


Thanks Olivier, yes I agree about what you are saying and it was your initial contribution to the thread that got me thinking about FF again, though the advantages FF can/would bring to me are secondary to those addressed simply by a superior grade APS-C body than what I had. While I do agree there are advantages to FF, I can't help but think the "full frame" terminology is somewhat romanticised to extort money out of people - yes it's the same size as a 35mm film but an APS-C sensor is not less than a "full frame" - it's marketing speak.


Regardless, I got an A77ii and it has outperformed my expectations both in AF and ISO performance. Immediately I could see the 70-300 needed micro adjustment - something I couldn't prove on the A35 due to its AF being a bit dodgy generally. Even although all the lenses are the same the AF feels like they all have new focus motors. Unfortunately water got into my kit bag this weekend (only a tiny amount) and it was enough to damage the A35. So while the A77ii has now answered my concerns of the A35, I am bereft of a second body and if Ebay comes up trumps I will likely add a second Alpha body, maybe even an A99 still.




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1 hour ago, Cal said:


Regardless, I got an A77ii and it has outperformed my expectations both in AF and ISO performance.


Hey, cool! Glad the A77ii is working out.

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