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What is your favourite hiking trail


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1 hour ago, John Richmond said:


I sympathise.  Italy 2005




Mosquitos.  Not enough alcohol in my blood.  Join the spots.

John, the sight of those legs are making me itch all over! My sister used to say this to people. “Mosquitoes never bite me. All I have to do is stay close to Betty.”

My husband and I went fishing at sundown as newlyweds. I had on jeans, thick socks, a heavy shirt and a light jacket. I kept slapping at mosquitoes and complaining. Hubby told me, “There are no mosquitoes, it’s all in your mind.”

The next morning, I showed him my legs. 89 bites on one leg, over a hundred on the other. Through my clothes.I counted them.  Huge welts that many butted up against the next. He didn’t have a single bite.

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