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Have you found any Alamy photos April 2020?

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Cheers Kay!


Times online 30th


Graham Prentice  Part of Roman mosaic floor in Brading Roman Villa, Isle of Wight, UK- Medusa's head with snakes for hair - Image ID: E5ECCC

parkerphotography  Leyland N Bus at The Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre. West Sussex. England. UK - Image ID: F1AG3C

Luise Berg-Ehlers  Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex, Home of the Bloomsbury Group; Wohnhaus der Bloomsbury Gruppe auf dem Lande in Sussex - Image ID: JWXE3W

Swansea, Wales, UK. 29th April 2020. UK Weather : Two-year-old, Lillian Joy, looks out of a rain splashed window of her home in Swansea during a wet and windy day in the UK, one of the first days of poor weather during the coronavirus lockdown period. Credit : Robert Melen/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: 2BJB7DA

London, UK. 19th April 2019. People sit around to protect the large pink yacht, named after Honduran environmental activist Berta Cáceres, assassinated in 2016 before Emma Thompson arrives to speak as a part of the activities to show 'Love For The Earth' on the 5th day of the occupation, but which were interrupted by police shortly after she spoke. Credit: Peter Marshall/Alamy Live News - Image ID: T50D0B

Manchester, UK. 29th September 2019. Trevor Phillips, Senior Fellow, Policy Exchange (Chair) speaks at the Policy Exchange event, Challenging 'Islamophobia' on day one of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. © Russell Hart/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: 2A1YCC1

Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 30 March, 2020. Empty M8 Motorway at the Kingston Bridge due to coronavirus lockdown keeping workers at home. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BB6DAM - in sepia !

scientist-performing-pipetting-in-molecular-biology-and-biotechnology-laboratory - can't find it (in Alamy)

Rome, Italy. 26th Mar, 2020. Matteo Salvini wearing a mask Rome March 26th 2020. Senate. Information of the Italian Premier about the measures adopted to contrast Coronavirus, Covid-19. Photo Samantha Zucchi Insidefoto Credit: insidefoto srl/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BA92PJ

RUSS ROHDE Mature woman and dog, in convertible car, rear view - Image ID: F0ACFY

Horizon  Young woman radiotherapist positioning radiotherapy linear accelerator machine with senior male patient. - Image ID: A8W14R



News in Pictures


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 29th April 2020. Thick cloud and no wind with temperature of 7 degrees centigrade in the Scottish city gave ideal lighting conditions to record these colourful Lily Flowering Tulips from Keukenhof in the Netherlands against a garden shed before they pass their best. Credit: Arch White/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: 2BJ9HJ8




David Tomlinson  Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland. Elderly couple admiring colourful blooms in the Royal Botanic Garden. - Image ID: FT8TE3

Angus McComiskey  Corran Ferry departing slipway at Corran for Ardgour on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Highland Region, Scotland, UK - Image ID: M8YBR5

Derek Croucher  Ardnamurchan coast near Glenbeg, Highland, Scotland, UK - Image ID: BR9BHC

Peter Cripps   Domestic violence - Image ID: H938GC

GARY DOAK  Alan Cumming, OBE, is a Scottish-American actor, author, and activist, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015. - Image ID: F4NMA8




Patryk Michalski  Panorama Dun Laoghaire - Image ID: D7AE53




Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 14th May, 2019. BJP or Bharatiya Janata Party national president Amit Shah seen waving to his supporters during the Show in Kolkata.Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Credit: Avijit Ghosh/SOPA Images/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News - Image ID: T8PRHG

kpa Publicity Stills STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE USA 1977 George Lucas Ben-Obi-Wan Kenobi (ALEC GUINNESS)  Image ID: GHB6TH

Weng, Germany. 02nd Apr, 2020. Markus Söder (M, CSU), Minister President of Bavaria, walks with a face mask in his hand over the premises of the automotive supplier Zettl.Credit: Armin Weigel/dpa/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BC019K




London, UK. 23rd Apr 2020. A completely abandoned Bank of England and Royal Exchange early this morning in the heart of the City of London, as lockdown measures need to be eased out in the next three to four weeks amid coronavirus for the economy to recover. City of London lockdown, England, United Kingdom 23rd April, 2020 Credit: Jeff Gilbert/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BH1F11

Glasgow, UK. 17th Apr, 2020. Pictured: A collection of fourteen British Airways Jets (short to medium range Airbus Aircraft) ranging from A319, A320 and A321 Jets stand grounded on the tarmac of Glasgow International Airport. . Credit: Colin Fisher/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BFA69H

Greg Balfour Evans  Entrance to intu Lakeside shopping centre, West Thurrock Way, Grays, Essex, England, United Kingdom - Image ID: R8GXJD

Iain Masterton  Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) headquarters at Gogar in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - Image ID: T8CX09

EnVogue_Photo A woman carrying Next clothing fashion shop sale store bags in the commercial retail district, Manchester city centre, UK - Image ID: JHPN1X

Dave Ellison   Next store in Manchester city centre. - Image ID: HEH0F8

PSL Images  St James's Place Wealth Asset Management - Image ID: AP8GNN

Preston, Lancashire, UK. 19th Mar, 2020. A SainsburyÕs supermarket delivery van delivering groceries to a remote house, Chipping, Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. Credit: John Eveson/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2B82K00




veryan dale 8 year old boy drawing a sad face in the condensation on the window. - Image ID: D1CDTG

Chris Strickland  Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, UK. 23rd March 2020. Alex Salmond leaves Edinburgh High Court at the end of his trial. A jury found the former first min - Image ID: 2BCBF51




Peter Horree  Detail from The Battle of Milvian Bridge 1517-1524 painted by Giulio Romano assistant Raphael ( The Battle of the Milvian Bridge took place between the Roman Emperors Constantine I and Maxentius on 28 October 312. ) Raphael Rooms (tanze di Raffaello) Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino 1483 – 1520 fresco papal apartments Vatican Rome Italy - Image ID: EF3RGY - a few of these!




Andrey Khrobostov  Gautama Buddha statue in the Buddha Park of Ravangla in South Sikkim, India - Image ID: KWNY1F



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54 minutes ago, Bryan said:

Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 30 March, 2020. Empty M8 Motorway at the Kingston Bridge due to coronavirus lockdown keeping workers at home. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BB6DAM - in sepia !

Iain Masterton  Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) headquarters at Gogar in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - Image ID: T8CX09


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EL PAIS - EL VIAJERO  28/04/2020

Lazyllama RIO DE JANEIRO - MARCH 31, 2016: Colorful buildings mark the entrance to the Santa Marta Community (favela). - Image ID: G35K26


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On 26/04/2020 at 07:39, Bryan said:

John Richmond  Orange double flower of the hardy annual Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince' - Image ID: EY1BRP

Missed that.  Many thanks, Bryan

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9 hours ago, Colblimp said:

Wrong thread Bryan? 😉


Too early in the morning for my brain to function! Thanks Andy. 

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18 minutes ago, Bryan said:


Too early in the morning for my brain to function! Thanks Andy. 

You’re not alone there, Bryan! 😂

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1 hour ago, Abiyoyo said:

El País. El País Semanal 03.05.2020 (Print version)


W7YBT5 Nature Picture Library (but in El País stated Marie Read) Orchard oriole (Icterus spurius) male singing in spring, New York, USA May.

Orchard oriole (Icterus spurius) male singing in spring, New York, USA May. - Stock Image

Wrong thread!

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On 03/04/2020 at 10:54, Nigel Kirby said:

Sun Onlinee   03/04/2020
Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo      Image concept with the result of the HIV test. - Image ID: F0YKWY
Geoff Smith     Iceland food delivery van on a residential road in England, UK. - Image ID: G30985
geogphotos     Aldi shop sign, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, South Wales, UK - Image ID: EXMCY9
Richard Wayman    Woman with box of shopping leaves Aldi Store in Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland - Image ID: M64W82
Sam Oaksey     Computer screenshot of information about universal credit on gov.uk website in 2018 - Image ID: M0E81J
Geoff Smith     Sainsburys food delivery van on a road in England, UK. - Image ID: GPR3NT
Andrew Melbourne     Tesco home delivery van in St Ives, Cambs. - Image ID: D01BX4


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On 25/04/2020 at 07:55, Clare Gainey said:

Guardian Online

D6T5GD RGB Ventures/Mark Newman Guam Kingfisher, Todiramphus Cinnamominus
2A237JT  Gryf The Cleaner exhibition of Marina Abramovic in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade


Thank you Clare for spotting this! Nice to be in The Guardian :)

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