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Hello from Scotland

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Hello everyone,


I'm a new member to the forum - I recently rediscovered my Alamy having uploaded 20 photos in 2015 and forgotten all about them! I'm from Scotland but living in Denmark and I'm beginning to take the stock photo game more seriously, should have done it years ago but didn't know then and better late than never.


Looking forward to finding out more and talking to interesting people in the process!

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Hi and welcome Chris. You have an interesting and good variety of images (have only looked at the first 3 pages or so). At first I was thinking the Icelandic ones were a little dark, but then I thought that really captures the ambience of that environment, especially with the spooky looking plane. All the best for sales with Alamy!


One thing you may want to think about is with some of the wide angle shots, especially where architecture is involved, you may want to apply lens distortion correction in post-processing. Then again you might want those angles! I'm actually working with old editing software that frustratingly doesn't do lens correction (so trying to minimise it at the point of capture) but will be getting new software soon that can do it. I know it is a quick fix in Lightroom.

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