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February 2020 Challenge -- SUSTAINABILITY

John Mitchell

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8 hours ago, Avpics said:

My offerings:


Youth Strike 4 Climate:




Promoting cycling:




Jo Wood modelling fashion created using plant waste from Prince Charles' Highgrove Estate, which you'll all be wearing this season:




Love the 'Naked Bike' photo. While I do not ride naked, I have covered a few of them (No pun intended.)


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An evergreen solution to ease off pollution especially in the city. CS6 cycle super highway on London blackfriars bridge.



Roof top garden at 120 Fenchurch street. Also known as "The Garden at 120". No booking or ticket required.



London taxi - Electric version with an intersting number plate and a bicycle rider on the other side of road


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My three:


Compact fluorescent bulb environmental concept:





Photovoltaic cell array solar panel near my home with reflections of clouds emphasizing the environmentally friendly aspect:





Dexter Grist Mill on Cape Cod - a working 17th century mill that uses water power to grind cornmeal sold to help sustain the historic building




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On 15/02/2020 at 12:54, AlexH said:


Hopeful the next generation of business dudes have sustainability on their minds . .. .




Going back to older more simple tech could be the future? Less energy hungry and wasteful. 





Oh and some obligatory new tech being installed!




Hey there, Alex. You won!!!! Take a look at the voting. We miss you and hope you will show up to do the next Challenge.



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Wow, I hadn't really taken in that it was a competition! Thank you and my apologies for taking so long to notice!


I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these strange times.



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